Biotech venture creation is a team sport. Atlas brings together talented entrepreneurs with experience in research, development, deal making, and finance to build value in breakthrough biotech companies.

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, Venture Partners, and Atlas Advisors

Nessan Bermingham, PhD

Atlas Advisor; Chief Executive Officer, Intellia Therapeutics

Nessan is co-founder and chief executive officer of Intellia Therapeutics. He has over ten years of experience in life science investing across venture, secondary, and public markets. Prior to joining Atlas Venture, Nessan was a partner at Omega Funds and founder of Bio Equity Capital, a healthcare focused special situations firm. Nessan is also co-founder of Tal Medical, and sits on the advisory board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

Michael Curtis, PhD

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Chief Development Officer, Ataxion

Mike is chief development officer of Ataxion. Prior to joining Atlas Venture and Ataxion, Mike spent over twenty years in pharma, including in research and development roles at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Infinity Pharmaceuticals. He has led multidisciplinary research and development teams and advanced eight compounds from discovery to clinical studies across several therapeutic areas. In addition, Mike was involved with advancing four compounds through late stage development, resulting in three regulatory approvals.

Rajesh Devraj, PhD

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Chief Scientific Officer, Padlock Therapeutics

Raj is chief scientific officer at Padlock Therapeutics. Raj previously served as president and chief executive officer of Euclises Pharmaceuticals and senior vice president of Deciphera Pharmaceuticals. Prior to that, he was senior vice president of Jubilant Drug Discovery & Development. Raj spent 14 years in positions of increasing responsibility with Pfizer Global R&D and legacy Pharmacia and Searle companies. He has led multiple discovery & early clinical development teams that have advanced eight candidates into clinical trials for refractory cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic nephropathy, COPD, and pain.

Adam Friedman, MD, PhD

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Director of Corporate Development, Raze Therapeutics

Adam is a founding team member of Raze Therapeutics, and also worked with the founding team at RaNA Therapeutics. He currently serves as director of corporate development at Raze Therapeutics. He is also a research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, and was previously a physician at Boston Children's Hospital after completing his MD and PhD degrees at Harvard Medical School.

Michael Gilman, PhD

Venture Partner; Chief Executive Officer, Padlock Therapeutics; Scientific Advisory Board, Raze Therapeutics

Mike is chief executive officer of Padlock Therapeutics. Prior to (re-)joining Atlas Venture in 2013, Mike was the founder and CEO of Atlas portfolio company Stromedix, which was sold to Biogen Idec in 2012. Previously, he led all discovery research activities at Biogen Idec. Before that, Mike served as chief scientific officer of ARIAD Pharmaceuticals and on the scientific staff at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Jeffrey Hatfield

Atlas Advisor; Chief Executive Officer, Vitae Pharmaceuticals

Jeff is president and chief executive officer of Vitae Pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Vitae Pharmaceuticals, Jeff worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb in a variety of executive positions, including: senior vice president of BMS’s virology and immunology divisions, where he was responsible for all aspects of the $1 billion business; president and general manager, Canada; and vice president, U.S. managed health care. While at BMS, Jeff was directly associated with several product successes, including Pravachol®, Plavix®, Avapro®, Abilify®, Reyataz®, and Atripla®.

Ed Holson, PhD

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Chief Scientific Officer, KDAC Therapeutics

Ed is the chief scientific officer at KDAC Therapeutics. He is also the director of the medicinal chemistry group in the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research and a director of chemistry in the Chemical Biology Platform at the Broad Institute. He joined the Stanley Center to design and implement a range of biologic strategies toward developing novel therapies in central nervous system related disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and cognitive impairment. Prior to that, Ed worked in medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical development roles for Infinity Pharmaceuticals and Merck & Co.

Tom Hughes, PhD

Venture Partner; Chief Executive Officer, Zafgen

Tom is the chief executive officer of Zafgen. He has over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development. From 1987 until he joined Zafgen in 2008, Tom held several positions at Novartis AG including vice president and global head of the cardiovascular and metabolic diseases therapeutic area at the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research. Tom has authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications and is an inventor on numerous issued and pending patents related to the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. Tom also serves as a director on the board of Miragen Therapeutics, Inc., and is a member of several scientific and strategic advisory boards, including Atlas Venture portfolio company Nimbus Therapeutics.

Martin Jefson, PhD

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Chief Scientific Officer, Ataxion, Inc., Rodin Therapeutics

Marty is chief scientific officer and co-founder of Rodin Therapeutics and Ataxion. Prior to joining Atlas Venture, Marty spent 27 years at Pfizer, most recently serving as head of neuroscience research. More than 30 development candidates were discovered during his tenure, including veranicline (Chantix), a widely used product for the treatment of nicotine addiction.

Rosana Kapeller, MD, PhD

Atlas Advisor; Chief Scientific Officer, Nimbus Therapeutics

Rosana is the chief scientific officer of Nimbus Therapeutics and has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the biotechnology industry. Prior to joining Nimbus, she was co-founder and vice president of research of Aileron Therapeutics, where she led the development of “Stapled Peptide” technology. Prior to that, Rosana held positions of increasing responsibility at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, most recently as director, department of molecular and cellular biology. In 2012, Rosana was named one of the Top 20 Women to Watch by Mass High Tech.

Ankit Mahadevia, MD

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Chief Business Officer, Spero Therapeutics; Chief Business Officer, Rodin Therapeutics; President, Synlogic

Ankit is co-founder, president, and chief business officer of Spero Therapeutics, co-founder and chief business officer of Rodin Therapeutics, and president of Synlogic. Prior to joining Atlas Venture, Ankit worked in business development at Genentech, in health policy in Washington, and helped build several early stage biotech companies including Arcion Therapeutics. Ankit obtained his MD from John Hopkins University Medical School and his MBA from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mark Manfredi, PhD

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Chief Scientific Officer, Raze Therapeutics

Mark is Chief Scientific Officer of Raze Therapeutics and has nearly two decades of experience in cancer biology. Mark was previously Vice President, Oncology Biology at Takeda Pharmaceuticals where he led the Oncology Biology group and was a member of the senior R&D management team responsible for the global oncology R&D strategy. During his time at Takeda the Oncology organization put 8 novel mechanisms into the clinic with the most advanced compounds being in phase 3 clinical development. Mark received his BS from the University of Rhode Island and earned his PhD in Biology from Boston College.

William Marshall, PhD

Atlas Advisor; Chief Executive Officer and President, Miragen Therapeutics

Bill is miRagen’s president, chief executive officer, co-founder, and director. Bill was previously vice president of technology and business development for bioscience at Thermo Fisher Scientific where he led the Thermo Fisher Biosciences Division. Prior to that Bill was a scientific founder and executive vice president of Dharmacon, Inc. Earlier, Bill served in many capacities at Amgen, Inc., most recently as associate director of research, site head for research, and head of the nucleic acid and peptide technology department.

Mikel Moyer, PhD

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Vice President of Molecular Discovery, Raze Therapeutics

Mike is vice president of Molecular Discovery at Raze Therapeutics. Prior to joining Raze, Mike was chief scientific officer at Loxo Oncology, a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing targeted cancer therapies for genetically-defined populations. Previously he was vice president, Molecular Discovery at Epizyme. Earlier in his career Mike held leadership roles in medicinal chemistry at the Broad Institute and Pfizer.

Kevin Pojasek, PhD

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; President and acting Chief Executive Officer, Quartet Medicine

Kevin is president, chief operating officer, and co-founder of Quartet Medicine. He was also COO of Annovation Biopharma, which was acquired by The Medicines Company in 2015. Prior to joining Atlas Venture, Kevin spent ten years in executive leadership and research and development roles in venture-backed startups, most recently serving as vice president of corporate development at Kala Pharmaceuticals.

Ronald Renaud

Atlas Advisor; Chief Executive Officer, RaNA Therapeutics

Ron is chief executive officer of RaNA Therapeutics. He was previously president and chief executive officer of Idenix Pharmaceuticals, which he refocused on drug discovery and development, resulting in its acquisition by Merck in August 2014. Prior to Idenix, Ron served as senior vice president and chief financial officer of Keryx Biopharmaceuticals, and before that he was a biotechnology equity research analyst at JP Morgan, Schwab Soundview, and Bear Stearns. He also spent more than five years at Amgen, where he held positions in clinical research, investor relations, and finance.

Vipin Suri, PhD

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Head of Biology, Raze Therapeutics

Vipin is the head of biology of Raze Therapeutics, co-founder of NiDares, and consulting biologist for a number of Atlas Venture seed investments. Prior to joining Atlas, Vipin was director and head of pharmacology at Sirtris, a GlaxoSmithKline company, and before that he worked in the cardiovascular and metabolic diseases group at Pfizer.

Samantha Truex

Entrepreneur-in-Residence; Chief Business Officer, Padlock Therapeutics

Sam is chief business officer of Padlock Therapeutics. She has 20 years of experience in the biotech industry. At Biogen Idec, Sam served as vice president in the corporate development group, and also served as program lead for multiple preclinical and launch-stage products. Prior to Biogen Idec, Sam led licensing and M&A transactions across multiple business units of Genzyme.

George Vlasuk, PhD

Atlas Advisor; Chief Executive Officer, Navitor Pharmaceuticals

George is chief executive officer of Navitor Pharmaceuticals. He is a scientifically trained executive with nearly 30 years of leadership experience in drug discovery and development at small and large biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Most recently George served as CEO of Sirtris from 2009 to 2013. Before that, he held various scientific leadership positions at Wyeth, Corvas International, Merck & Co., and California Biotechnology. He is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications, book chapters, and reviews, and 38 issued U.S. and foreign patents.