Atlas companies are custom built to realize their scientific and business potential.

Discover: Identifying true innovation from high-impact science.

Derisk: Proving and maturing the science and technology to guide clinical translation.

Shape: Crafting the right business model for each opportunity.

Strengthen: Rolling up our sleeves to position our companies for successful drug development and exits in all market environments.

The opportunity determines the model—not the other way around. Our portfolio spans a spectrum of investment approaches from asset-centric product plays to big biology drug discovery platforms:

Drug Discovery Platforms: Launching “big science” companies on the path to clinical and commercial success with multiple opportunities for liquidity. Examples include Avila, CoStim, IFM, Intellia, Magenta, Nimbus, miRagen, Padlock, and Surface. Learn more about Avila and Intellia

Asset-Centric Product Plays: Bringing promising therapeutics to clinical proof-of-concept. Examples include Annovation, Arteaus, Delinia, LTI, Quartet, Rodin, Spero, Stromedix, and Zafgen. Learn more about Arteaus and Delinia