Arkuda Therapeutics

Arkuda Therapeutics is driving the discovery of medicines with the potential to change the trajectory of neurodegenerative disease. Arkuda is harnessing new insights into the biology of a protein called progranulin and its functional subunits, granulins, in maintaining the health of the lysosome, an organelle central to coordinating cellular response to environmental cues and stress, especially in central nervous system.  Arkuda’s initial focus is on a devastating genetically-defined disease called GRN-related frontotemporal dementia (FTD-GRN), an inherited form of dementia in which patients have a mutation in the granulin (GRN) gene, which codes for progranulin, a protein known to play an important role in lysosomal function and innate immunity in the brain.

Headquarters Cambridge, MA
Pipeline Preclinical
Twitter @ArkudaTx