Lainey Rabinow, Executive Assistant

Lainey Rabinow joined Atlas in June 2022 as executive assistant to VP and head of talent Andrea DiMella.

Lainey began her career as an art director – primarily in the publishing, technology and academic sectors. Prior to Atlas, Lainey spent two and a half years at Frequency Therapeutics, a biotech focused on regenerative medicine where she served as executive assistant to the chief people officer and general counsel. Prior to Frequency, she worked as an executive assistant at Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise, a global advisory, educational and research organization. Lainey received her BA from University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Lainey is an avid swimmer and loves cooking, exploring new places, especially near the ocean. In her next career, Lainey would like to start an oyster farm, mostly for self-consumption.