Susana Carella, Executive Assistant

Susana Carella joined Atlas Venture in July 2015 as executive assistant to Jean-Fran├žois Formela. Prior to Atlas Susana spent nine years at the private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners where she last served as executive assistant to a co-president and three partners. Prior to THL Susana worked as director of communications and development for Vida Health Communications, a small business focused on creating evidence-based multimedia interventions in the arena of maternal and child health. Her various roles included grant writer, project manager, marketing director and executive assistant to the president.

Susana received her BA in psychology from Montclair State University where she graduated magna cum laude with honors. She received her MA in psychology with a focus on human development from Boston University. When not at the office Susana is trying to change the world as an educational and community advocate, Girl Scouts coordinator for her city, and, most importantly, mom to her energetic daughter.