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The Power Of Hope: A Joint Perspective On Finding Balance In The Search For Life-Changing Therapies

At first blush, we may seem an unlikely duo: An attorney for a global insurance company living with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and a biotech CEO who moonlights as a kids’ basketball coach combining our voices in one blog post. But over the past few months, we’ve encountered plenty of common ground.

By Joachim Boekelmann and Joshua Brumm, as part of the From The Trenches feature of LifeSciVC.  

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Playing To Win: Scenario Planning For Binary Readouts In Biotech

Earlier this fall, we prepared to report Phase III data for tebipenem HBr, our oral medication that, if approved, could help 2.7M patients with serious infections in the US alone go home and stay home from the hospital.

By Ankit Mahadevia, CEO of Spero Therapeutics, as part of the From The Trenches feature of LifeSciVC

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Kymera Therapeutics Goes Public

We are proud to announce that Kymera Therapeutics went public, trading on the Nasdaq: KYMR, and announced an important collaboration with Sanofi.

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Evolution Of The Biotech IPO Markets From Busted To Booming

By Bruce Booth, DPhil, Partner

In the excitement of today’s biotech IPO market, and the bullish period since 2013, it’s almost hard to remember how painful the equity capital markets were back in the day.

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Korro Bio hits the high notes with $91.5M series A to run its OPERA RNA platform

Korro Bio has got off a meaty series A funding round, nabbing $91.5 million to run its platform of single-base RNA edits to treat a range of diseases.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotech will use the cash haul toward getting its preclinical program into the clinic, while also “establishing a broad portfolio of innovative RNA editing therapies.”

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