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Cats And The Future Of Machine Learning In Drug Discovery

The predictions around the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) have been broad reaching but it’s clear that not everyone is convinced and the trajectory of the current AI hype cycle feels downwards.

This blog was written by Jonathan Montagu, CEO and founder of HotSpot Therapeutics, as part of the From The Trenches feature of LifeSciVC.

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Atlas Venture People News – April 2019

Atlas Venture portfolio companies have been busy recruiting all-star talent to their teams and boards. Check out some of the recent additions on our People News postcard!

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Dyne Therapeutics Emerges With $50M to Take On Rare Muscle Disease

One problem with drugs for muscular disorders is that not enough medicine reaches the muscle, says Romesh Subramanian, CEO of Dyne Therapeutics. Subramanian’s startup has developed a way to target delivery of drugs to all muscle types, and it is emerging from stealth with $50 million in funding to advance its compounds toward human testing.

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Atlas wraps Arteaus story with $260M royalty sale as Emgality sales inches upward

Six months after Eli Lilly notched a second-runner-up approval for its CGRP migraine drug Emgality, the Atlas-founded biotech that brought it over the proof-of-concept gate five years ago has sold all its royalty interest for $260 million.

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Arteaus’ Final Chapter: Monetization Of The Emgality Royalties

By Bruce Booth, DPhil, Partner

Back in September 2018, the FDA approved Lilly’s Emgality, an anti-CGRP antibody therapy, for the preventative treatment of episodic and chronic migraine.

Arteaus Therapeutics, a biotech company founded by Atlas Venture in 2011, played a critical role in Emgality’s early development, helping it rapidly advance from its first-in-human studies through a randomized, controlled, double-blinded Phase 2 Proof of Concept (PoC) trial in only 30 months.

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